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Heirloom  portraits

Our next portrait event is scheduled for Spring 2024.
Bookings open soon spaces are limited! 

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Timeless. Genuine. Heartfelt.

a time-honored  tradition to  preserve your family legacy

What sets Heirloom Portraits apart?

My heirloom portraits are carefully crafted, with special attention given to timed-honored lighting techniques, evoking a film aesthetic that stands the test of time. Sumptuous, fine art, archival paper provides the finishing touch of warmth and elevated detail that sets them apart. 

There is nothing more rewarding than helping clients choose how to display their heirlooms after their proofing gallery is delivered. In our modern world, where sharing pictures is as easy as ever, there is something to be said for having a true piece of art that has been thoughtfully crafted;
it is rare and sacred.

The beauty of these portraits is that they are tangible.
They are not stored on your phone for a brief, triumphant moment on Instagram or Facebook, to only be forgotten in the digital ether. Your family's story deserves more than that.

It is my greatest joy to provide you with tangible moments passed down from generation to generation.

- Kara

Heirlooms are part of passing along the legacy and enduring love of your family for generations.

Mother, photographer, and memory preserver

Meet Kara

I discovered the power of heirloom portraits when I found a beautiful image of my great-grandmother from 1923. It was a true treasure to find since it had been long forgotten. It's the only copy in existence- this tiny, 100 year old photograph... There is something so amazing and heart-breaking about that, isn't it?

  It made me appreciate how treasured these portraits truly are. I needed to incorporate them into the memories I already enjoyed creating for families. It is a privilege to have a tangible heirloom of my family's legacy right at my fingertips. It's an irreplaceable
 part of our family's story.
I'm honored to give you the same.

My favorite part of crafting your family's artwork is composites! Using a selection of poses, we are able to  capture the unique personality of your child in one portrait.

"I am so in love with these portraits!
I get emotional just looking at them. We have worked with Kara through the first year of our daughter’s life and this was the best way to celebrate her birthday! We couldn’t pick we had two printed! So happy to have these beautiful and classic heirloom portraits in our home forever and to share as gifts. "


Heirloom events take place one of three ways:


Portrait Event

Heirloom portrait events happen quarterly at a studio in Richmond.


individual session

Can't make an heirloom event? I'll work with you to find the perfect time for just your family.


host a party

Gather your friends together for a private party! As a hostess, you and your guests will receive discounts and exclusive bonuses!

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Richmond's Premiere
Heirloom Portrait Photographer

Whether you are starting or continuing your family's heirloom portrait legacy, I cannot wait to serve you!

Don't forget...our next portrait event is scheduled for
June 22, 2024.
Booking is live!

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